SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTER ASSOCIATION (TEAMDER), headquartered in Antalya, was established to engage in economic, social & cultural activities and to conduct research, scientific & cultural works in these fields.

TEAMDER operating at domestic and abroad in the social, cultural, artistic, economic, social and sports fields carry out the works to achieve their founding goals as following:

  1. Do research to activate and develop the actions,
  2. Organise educational works such as seminar, conference and panel,
  3. Obtain any required knowledge, document and publications to make real the target goals; create a documentation centre; release news through magazine, book, bulletin or new media in order to announce the works,
  4. Collect charity donations on condition that necessary permissions are obtained and accept charities domestic and abroad,
  5. Establish, operate and participate in economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to provide the revenues needed for the objectives of the regulation,
  6. Open local, build social and cultural facilities and furnish them in order for their members to benefit and to evaluate their free time,
  7. Organise dinner meetings, concerts, balls, theatres, exhibitions, sports, excursions and fun events, etc. or enable its members to benefit from these kinds of activities for the development and maintenance of human relations among their members,
  8. Buy, sell, rent, the movable & immovable property needed and establish the same right on immovables for association activities,
  9. Establish foundations, a federation or join an established federation facility at domestic and abroad to make real the goals if necessary,

10.Operate international activities, become a member of associations or organizations abroad, and collaborate or assist with these organizations,

11.Carry out joint projects including public institutions and their duties on the condition that rights reserved to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on Associations and Foundations’ Relations with Public Institutions and Organizations if necessary,

12.Open branches and representative offices where necessary,

13.Create platforms to achieve a common purpose with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in which areas that are related to the purpose of the association and are not prohibited by law,

14.Carry out all kinds of activities that are needed and not prohibited by law to achieve the goals,

15.Contribute to social responsibility projects implemented in the city, follow them, give awards to the selected projects,

16.Give scholarships and awards.

Board members

President Prof. Dr. İlhan GÖLBAŞI

Vice President Prof. Dr. Cengiz SAYIN

Vice President Prof. Dr. Mustafa GÜLMEZ

Vice President Salih ÇENE

Secretary General Melike Tamer KÖSE

Financial Treasurer Hakan PÜRE

Member Sadi KAN

Member Celal VECEL

Member Güldal SİĞİNÇ