Macroeconomic Developments Economic Conference in Turkey

TEAMDER Public Announcement

As you know very closely, after the treacherous coup attempt of our country on July 15, it was tried to be under pressure by treacherous focuses in terms of internal and external sources, especially in political, security, social media and economy and it was seen that unimaginable ways were used to disturb the peace of the country.

At the top of the issues that focus on these focal points was the expectation that our country’s economy would be thrown into a heavy bottleneck. Despite the fact that all these efforts are in vain, it is observed and well known by the focal points of evil although some of them are insistently directed towards unfounded and exaggerated economic discourses through “printed and visual media” and “a perception of a stable and risky environment” in domestic markets. It was clear that there has been no hesitation that all these searches that were tried to our state, our nation, and our national unity made by treacherous focal points.

At this point, our duty to the lovers of the homeland and the nation is to contribute to the realization of all the measures that will undermine these efforts to create negative perceptions which are tried to be sustained with the cooperation of public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

For this reason, Prof. Dr. Emre ALKİN, an economics academician of subject matter, has been invited to Antalya by TEAMDER that is a non-governmental organization based in Antalya.

During the event, Akdeniz University and TEAMDER family would take place and Prof. Dr. Emre ALKİN will talk about “Turkey will not do anything to the economy. Because…” he will start the first word and answer the following questions in his speech:

  • Turkey’s future is bright. But why are we getting stuck in the details today?
  • What will be Turkey’s and the world’s next road map?
  • How is it necessary to interpret macroeconomic data?
  • Where is Turkey and the world going in terms of macro-economic issues?
  • What kind of future is waiting for Turkey and the world?

We would like to be together at Akdeniz University Faculty of Law Conference Hall on Wednesday, 8th of March at 10:00, which will be held in accordance with the principle of social responsibility to inform the society and contribute to the solution of regional and national problems.

We thank you for your interest and wish to be there together.