TEAMDER Public Announcement

TEAMDER’s restructuring process is completed. It is decided to continue its activities more effectively than where it that is left off. As a first step, it is thought that it would be beneficial to address the latest developments in the Middle East, which does not fall from the agenda of our country and which concerns our region, especially in terms of its future reflections and in the future of the tourism and agricultural sector. Therefore, Retired Major General Osman Gazi KANDEMİR TEAMDER, was invited as a guest speaker to inform our members and the Antalya public.

We wish to be together in this conference, which will be held in accordance with the principle of social responsibility to inform the society and contribute to the solution of regional and national problems.

The conference will include the following topics:

  • The history of the Middle East states in the last century,
  • The shape and revolutions that unipolar world wants to give to the Middle East,
  • Organizations and war objectives created in the authority gap,
  • Parties fighting in Syria and domination areas,
  • Turkey’s national interests and others will be addressed topics.

The common opinions that will arise with the discussions and discussions after the conference will be shared separately with Antalya public opinion on the website of our association ( as the Final Declaration.

It should never be expected that our country remains silent and insensitive to what is happening beyond our borders. It should never be expected to leave it under the control of external powers and terrorism.

A strong Turkey stands for a peaceful and safe Middle East.

A quest for Middle East solution is not a solution without Turkey.

Therefore, it is time for Turkey to be one heart and one voice.