TEAMDER was founded on March 11, 2013 with 22 members as a product of conversations on urban culture and urban awareness under the chairmanship of Dr. Ali YILMAZ. We agreed to be the same starting point of TEAMDER issues with our friends at different educational and knowledge levels that operating in different fields such as industrialists, scientists, and businessmen. We determined that the awareness of urban culture and urbanity could not be sufficiently established in Antalya. The academic sector and the city could not be sufficiently integrated; therefore, it could not contribute enough to the city in terms of producing scientific approaches to the problems of the city. In addition, we determined that non-governmental organizations, which create a buffer zone between the state and the private sector, cannot adequately resolve the issues as we have mentioned above, and that they cannot show a common attitude towards the benefit of the city due to the lack of coordination with each other and the society.

These determinations are carried to the port as “”What can we do?

Our policy is based upon “Let’s think differently, produce together.

Because we are in favour of a pluralistic, not pluralist.

We are aware that we cannot reach different, developer and alternative ideas with people of the same idea and structure.

Our logo that is coloured, distinct but identical parts is the visual reflection of this principle.

Our Working Principles

Scientific, scientific, scientific!

The problems identified by the working boards will be solved with the projects that are produced.

These committees, each of which have a voice in their field, will primarily address the problems of Antalya and contribute to the elimination of these problems through scientific methods.