Dear TEAMDER Friends & Dear Members,

We are all responsible for the city we live in. Therefore, we have to come together for our common interests and address issues in an organized structure.

Non-governmental organizations are the areas where individuals can effectively and legally defend their rights, influence political actors at the right decision-making point, improve themselves with the society, and have the opportunity to realize what is spoken.

As the non-institutionalization of the non-governmental organizations in our country and the economic difficulties they faced, the fact that they could not contribute enough to the solution of the problems by producing projects for the benefit of the city revealed that we should organize in a different structure as TEAMDER.

It would be more correct to perceive TEAMDER as a non-governmental organization that conducts scientific researchers related to social and economic problems and deals with solutions based on the target projects. For this reason, working boards have been formed on various subjects. Working committees will continuously try to contribute to the solvable problems of our city with the projects they put forward.

It is a nice development that our association, which has not yet completed one year of age, has started to be examined by the relevant circles due to its approach open to development and change. For such a fresh formation, I think this development is both very pleasing and challenging but valuable. However, my associates’ knowledge and foresights will be our most important source in this process.

We are working with great enthusiasm in the sense that the people of Antalya express themselves correctly and fully, and to produce permanent solutions with a scientific approach for issues pending in case of problems. As a new non-governmental organization, I would like to emphasize that we are open to all public, institutions, organizations and other non-governmental organizations that want to cooperate with us for Antalya, to cooperate with relevant people. Because we believe that it is more correct to work with people from all walks of life, for comprehensive and high-quality work.

That is why this is: “Let’s think differently, but produce together.”

We care about the name of TEAMDER with a qualified content and a corporate identity. Therefore, as a result of a meticulous work, we created our website in a dynamic structure and made it usable. You can follow up-to-date information about our work on our website every day. In addition, we would like to share the information and developments that will be published on our website such as documents, research, articles, and projects. It will help us to convey your impressions and suggestions on both the structure of the site and the content supply to achieve better and faster together.

You can follow us on our , and addresses besides our web page.

I invite all Antalya people and non-governmental organizations to cooperate in order for Antalya to lead not only in tourism but also in different fields, and I wish a successful and effective working period to all of us.

My best compliments,

Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı

TEAMDER Chairman of the Board