TEAMDER Advisory and Board of Directors’ Meeting


TEAMDER Press Release

TEAMDER, produces projects for the city.

TEAMDER President Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı says “We will try to contribute enough to the city to produce scientific approach solutions to the problems of the city”.

Social Economic Research Center Association (TEAMDER) made important decisions and projects in the first meeting of the new board of directors. TEAMDER President, AU Faculty of Cardiovascular Surgery, Professor. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı stated that the awareness of urban culture and urbanity could not be sufficiently established in Antalya and that the city could not be integrated sufficiently with the academic sector and he added that “In this context, we would try to contribute enough to the city in terms of producing scientific approach solutions to the problems of the city.”

After the meeting, TEAMDER President Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı stated that they would meet with the wise people of the city at the meetings they organize every month, and Gölbaşı gave the following information about the projects they will deal with in the new period:

“First of all, our main goal is to contribute to Antalya in every field. In this context, we actualize it after our meeting with our rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ünal. In Antalya, which broke the record of all time with the number of tourists approaching 16 million last year, we initiated an important project with a survey study in cooperation with AU Tourism Faculty in order to find solutions to the complaints of the tradesmen in Antalya. We will organize a workshop on this issue with the participation of all stakeholders”.

TEAMDER will also contribute to diversity studies in tourism; TEAMDER President, who explained that they started working with the Tourism Villages Project for Children and the Elderly. Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı states that “The project, we are exploring collaborations for the project prepared by Ahmet Arslantaş and have started discussions with the stakeholders regarding the project we’ve opened for the discussion”.

In addition, some committees were formed in the meeting to prepare projects and work and to share responsibilities. Board presidents were elected to create working teams for Health and sports, Family and Social Policies, Agriculture and Food, Tourism, Law and Human Rights, Foreign Relations and the EU, Environment-Urbanism and Transport, and Press-Public Relations Boards.

In the new management of TEAMDER under the Presidency of Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı; Dr. Cengiz Sayın, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gülmez, Salih Çene, Melike Tamer Köse, Hakan Püre, Sadi Kan, Celal Vecel, and Güldal Siğinç are on duty. Advisory Board members also attend the Board meetings.