28th of December 2019 Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting

Social Economic Research Centre Association (TEAMDER) held an extraordinary general assembly meeting.

TEAMDER elected their new management.

Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine & the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Faculty Member Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı, who was the last president of the association, was re-elected president unanimously in the general assembly.

45 out of 61 members of the association attended the TEAMDER general assembly held in Kundu Aska Lara Hotel.

Erdogan Kahya, one of the members of the association, was elected unanimously at the meeting of the absolute majority.

Dr. Cengiz Sayın has been appointed as Secretary member in the board whereas Güldal Siğinç has been appointed as a member of the duty.

On the behalf of the TEAMDER Board of Directors, the opening speech was made by the Chairman Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı in the general meeting assembly and, a plaque was given to the honorary president Ali Yılmaz, the former Antalya Provincial Police Chief, who was the previous President of the association, for his contributions to the association.

After the plaque ceremony, badges were presented to the new members of TEAMDER.

Professor Dr. Gölbaşı was unanimously re-elected as president.

In the continuation of the general assembly, the election of the council was started under the management of the President of the Council, Erdoğan Kahya. After the management activity report was read and released by Kahya, the audit activity report was read and released as well. In the open voting held in the general assembly, where the list of candidates for management and supervisory board was presented with a motion submitted to the presidency of the council, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member, who was the current chairman of TEAMDER Prof. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı was unanimously elected as the president of the association. Speaking on behalf of the new board of directors and conveying their thanks to the members, Gölbaşı stated that TEAMDER’s activities will continue increasingly in the new period.

In the meeting where the members of the board of directors, supervisory board and advisory board were determined unanimously, Dr. The new board of directors headed by İlhan Gölbaşı consisted of the following names:

Professor Dr. Cengiz Sayın (Vice President), Businessman Celal Vecel (member), Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gülmez (Vice President), Melike Tamer Köse (General Secretary), Tourism Professional Salih Çene (Vice President), Architect Sadi Kan (Member), Businessman Hakan Püre (Treasurer), Güldal Siğinç (Member).

Chairman of the Advisory Board: Canan TUNGAR and other members were determined.

After the wishes and requests, the TEAMDER General Assembly, where the agenda items were completed, was finalized by the President of the Council, Erdoğan Kahya.