2019 General Assembly



TEAMDER, established on 11th of March 2013 in Antalya, in order to create urban awareness and to carry out economic, social, and cultural activities and research, held its last ordinary general meeting under the leadership of Dr. Ali YILMAZ at Aska Lara Resort Hotel on 10.02.2019.

TEAMDER, a non-governmental organization that includes a wide range of members that reflect all segments of the society in all matters till today, acted with the mission and principle of urbanity, solidarity, sharing, informing, creating common social benefit and common solutions, “producing together by thinking differently”. Since its establishment, it has organized organizations and activities that will provide social benefits and awareness on many issues such as economy, culture, art, health, tourism, history, international relations and national security.

In the TEAMDER structuring based on an understanding that the civil society structuring is seen as the most important complement to the public and private sector structuring of the society. All members have actively participated in the various levels of management and adopted responsibility as a sharing method, respectively, the ground has been prepared accordingly and has been applied continuously since its establishment. Thus, the success of sharing management with individuals representing different segments of the society that making the common mind superior in achieving common social benefits, and most importantly, “being us, not me in all conditions” has been shown.

The final general assembly resolutions have been an indicator and confirmatory of this understanding. Because, there was no compromise from the stated principles and the existence and beauty of the sense of sharing was experienced. Thus, the last general meeting has been a lively hope for the future of TEAMDER as well as an example of good practice for all other non-governmental organizations.

In the last general meeting, the founding chairman Dr. Ali YILMAZ, the father of the idea of TEAMDER, has left his job to younger friends at his own request, and he says that TEAMDER should be continued with the same principles and with an understanding based on sharing.

Akdeniz University Medical Faculty & Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Associate Prof. Dr. İlhan GÖLBAŞI took over with the decision of cooperation. Again, Dr. Ali YILMAZ has been announced as the Founding Honorary President of the association with the unanimous decision.

TEAMDER New Board Members:

  1. Dr. İlhan Gölbaşı- Heart Surgery
  2. Mustafa Seller-Businessman
  3. Murat Canik- Tourism Professional
  4. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gülmez- Faculty member
  5. Nazif EKEN- Businessman
  6. Buket Sarıcobanoğlu- Accounting manager
  7. Ramazan Özen- Pharmacist

8.Cemal Öner-Architect

  1. Solmaz Gülmez-Engineer, Businesswoman

TEAMDER New Supervisory Board Members

1.Prof. Dr. Mehmet ALTUNKAYA- Lawyer & Lecturer

2.Murat DEMİRKOL- Financial advisor

In the General Assembly, it was also decided to form TEAMDER Advisory Board; furthermore, Mr. Salih ÇENE – Tourism Professional, Canan TUNGAR – Civilian, AYÇOV President and President of Turkish-Chinese Businessmen Association Kemal KOÇAK were unanimously elected as the members.

It is announced to the public.