Invitation to the 3rd President of the TRNC Dr. Derviş EROĞLU Conference

Dear Public,

As we all know closely, our country is trying to be thrown into a bottleneck in terms of economic, social, and political fields, especially in terrorism with the effect of external outbreaks.

Although it has been well understood that all these efforts are futile and that the Turkish nation’s prudent approach and their frustration have been well understood, the enemies of the state and the nation do not stay idle.

It is obvious that in such a period we should be together not only in the country but also with our citizens all over the world. Northern Cyprus will continue to be a sister country in which our pain and happiness live altogether.

Great Turkey is strong enough to solve their own issues, and to the world that all other countries and oppressed brethren may shield and support to the national and spiritual values as a measure closely and all over the world have experienced this as well.

At this point, the most discussed issues related to Turkey are experiencing Cyprus issue. Turkey also is the party of restructuring as a guarantor country on the future of Northern Cyprus.

It is the third President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Dr. Derviş EROĞLU, who is one of the most profound of the “Cyprus Reality and Restructuring Processes” issue that has not been concluded yet. Mr. Dr. EROĞLU will be together with TEAMDER members and will inform us directly on the Truth of Cyprus within the scope of the conference, which will be held with their kind wishes.

In accordance with the principle of social responsibility to inform the society and contribute to the solution of regional and national problems, this conference will be held jointly with the cooperation of Akdeniz University, Student Council Presidency, Innovation and Project Development Society on 9th of May on Tuesday at the Conference Hall. We wish to be together there at 02.00 pm.

We thank you for your interest and wish to be together there.